WOLFoods partners with Grow and Behold and Porter Road, high-quality meat suppliers, to deliver delectable camp food

WOLFoods, a food operator serving youth summer camps and retreats, values these standards highly. The organization feeds kids and adolescents with the best ingredients they can acquire. WOLFoods reduces frozen or convenient food items as much as possible, opting to make home-style meals from scratch. Preparing food from fresh ingredients they’ve bought enables WOLFoods to control the quality and nutrition of their camp meals. Procuring ground beef from businesses that raise cows with a similar mindset elevates the quality of the entire meal.

WOLFoods’ mission has always been to provide high-quality meals to children at summer camp. To achieve this, they have sought out relationships with two respected meat suppliers that focus on high-quality, pasture-raised, natural meat.

Grow and Behold, a Kosher meat supplier founded by a passionate married couple, has become WOLFoods’ partner in success. Porter Road, another highly ranked meat supplier that also dedicates itself to ‘raising meat right,’ has been instrumental in providing high-quality protein to hungry campers. WOLFoods has a special relationship with both suppliers, receiving frequent shipments of their ground beef.

Porter Road was co-founded by two meat lovers who met in one of Nashville’s most famous kitchens. The pair decided to open their own butcher shop after realizing that the quality of meat from farmers was never guaranteed. Porter Road became so successful locally for its hand-cut, pasture-raised meat that it started selling online to serve its growing audience.

Grow and Behold’s founders met on an organic vegetable farm where they decided that their shared purpose was feeding people quality Kosher meat. Their relationship blossomed, and so did business. Grow and Behold expanded from only selling chicken to offering more than ten kinds of meat products.

WOLFoods has always prioritized using local produce, but it took time to find a suitable provider of sustainable proteins. However, once they partnered with Grow and Behold and Porter Road, their relationship grew exponentially. WOLFoods started using their organic ground beef at two summer camps in 2019 and has now begun offering it at a number of their camps. The company is seeking more partnerships with vendors that have aligned missions and quality product offerings.

With the help of its passionate and talented staff, WOLFoods serves healthier food to children attending summer camps. The people behind the scenes take pride in their work because it enables kids to eat filling and nutritious meals. WOLFoods plans to strengthen its relationships with camps across the US in the coming years and continue looking for affordable yet quality food products to utilize.


By CEO Weekly Staff;